Friday, November 20, 2009

Banana for the Road

I did my 18 miles for the week and will top it off with a 12 miler on Sunday. I can’t do the long run on Saturday as Kay has us going to a flea market at Pearl Harbor’s Richardson Rec Park in the morning.

I eat half a banana this morning before running to see if my tummy would be okay. It was fine. On the morning of the race day, it is recommended runners eat a light snack such as a banana, bagel, toast, or energy bar 1 to 2 hours before running. It helps maintain glycogen storage. On Sunday, I will eat an entire banana and down it with some water before starting off.


Peggy said...


Getting closer, the banana sounds like a good idea. Nice to hear that Kay is still going to garage sales(flea markets)
Have a good run on Sunday!

Kay said...

You see? Peggy understands. And aren't you glad we got those great deals on the Christmas ornaments?