Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Very Good Day

Well, I was able to do 10 miles early this morning. It was one of those beautiful mornings with a nice cool breeze under partly cloudy skies. Hope to have the same weather come marathon day.

I received my official pick-up card in the mail this week. I had read several weeks ago that over half the Honolulu Marathon runners last year were from Japan. Since the Japanese yen has been at near record highs against the US dollar this year, they are expecting an even large group. It’ll make up for the lower numbers they are expecting from the West Coast which has been hit hard by the economy.

By the way, I finished in time to bake our belated Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. Only problem was we didn't have any shortening for the crust. I substituted margarine for it and ended up with a crust having a hard cracker like consistency instead of one with a light flakey texture. The pie filling was pretty good though especially with lots of whipped cream. Kay tried brining our turkey this year, and it turned out moist and delicious. We had a great family dinner to end a very good day.


gigihawaii said...

Nevertheless, the pie looks delicious! It LOOKS perfect as is.

Hope the marathon weather is perfect, too.

Dina said...

Do you really stir the filling with chopsticks?

Neeraj said...


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Ann said...

Way to go Art.

May be I should take up running again. I was 50, five years ago, I decided to run the 10 k or quarter marathon. I trained and finished it. Yes, my girlfriend and I were like maniacs too.

Angel said...

Looks realy taste :)

Ruprekha said...

Such a perfect looking pie!
Although checked quite late, enjoyed going through several posts about the preparation of the marathon.